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Our daily mental activity keeps us on track, feeling in tune with our life, on top of our game and alive in our surroundings. With mental activity at a 'normal' pace, we can experience peace as we go through our day.

However, what happens when mental activity becomes overwhelming?  What happens when we start the mental madness of - "I can't stop thinking about this or that" or "I just can't quiet my mind"? It can feel like mental torture and peace is tossed out the window.  We become focused on the 'have to do this' have to do that' 'should do this' should do that'. You know that committee that goes on in our heads about all that we are supposed to do?  Aside from the emotional upheaval that this kind of thinking causes we can also be affected physically.

Below is a short list that we have come up with of possible results from allowing our ego to take the lead and make us feel like we have not done enough or haven't done things good enough:

• Loss of sleep or distressing dreams
• Increase worry and anxiety 
• Rise in fears
• Decrease in focus and mental clarity
• Decrease in our ability to be patient and loving we spend more time being  angry or snappy with loved ones

Having these experiences and emotions take us out of our peaceful state and when that occurs we fall out of love with ourselves and in doing so we cannot truly love ourselves or others unconditionally.  We fall into the 'rat race trap' and we convince ourselves that this is what we are suppose to do and what it is suppose to feel like. We have been conditioned to believe and think that.  It is time for us to reclaim our right to peace.  In support of this process we offer you 3 tips to use when you are getting that sense of uneasiness and a feeling of being overwhelmed.  We trust these will be helpful to you as you find more peace in your life.

Tip #1: Acknowledge that you are experiencing chaos and a high level of stress and commit to taking time for you

If there is an activity that you love that helps you let go of the mental madness, go do it, don't wait. Go for a walk or go to the gym. If you love the outdoors and love being in nature, take a drive along the shore or plant some colorful and cheery flowers. Listen to some music and dance. The purpose is to bring peace back into your life and to feel love for yourself and others.

Tip #2 Surrender & give it over to your Higher Self

Many times our overactive ego mind is our way of feeling like we have to control everything in our lives. Our partner in Truth and the One who always knows best for us is our Higher Self. Think of these negative and unhealthy thoughts as bricks or a wall blocking the flow of peace. Your job is to hand the brick or wall over to your Higher Self and the job of your Higher Self is to shine light and love onto the brick to dissolve it. When your mind feels at ease and peaceful you know you have done your job.

Tip #3 Utilize tools for assistance

Sometimes we just need some additional assistance to get us over the hump either to get a different perspective or more support to help us focus.  We would like to share a few tools with you:

Egyptian Healing Rods- Using the rods 5 minutes each day can reduce your stress and provide you with more clarity, focus and overall well-being.

Spiritual Coaching- is a wonderful, nurturing tool/process that is helpful to anyone no matter where we are on our spiritual journey.  We can gain new perspectives and insights when we work with additional guidance.

Meditation- tuning in to quiet your mind allows your Higher Self to communicate with you using meaningful images or words, which will help bring peace back into your life.

When you are feeling like your mind is racing, remember you are able to take charge with choosing ways to bring your mind at rest and attain the peace you so deserve. Choose what tools are best for you at the time; while your choices may change over time be comforted knowing that you have tools in your peace toolbox.  And, always remember that you and your Higher Self are in charge and you do have choices as to which tools you will employ - tools of love or tools of fear.

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3 Tips For Your Peace Toolbox

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This article was published on 2010/03/27