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I live in the middle of the Great Smokey Mountains, just minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Needless to say, the area that surrounds me is known for its unique beauty, peaceful breeze, and calming stillness. Having the fortunate opportunity to spend my days amongst the quietness that nature affords, my churning thoughts, ironically, have become louder (no longer hidden under the distraction of city nightlife, surface-scratched relationships, and media outpourings.)

This can be at times so very annoying. The sounds of judgment, negativity, and chaos circle their way in and out of not only the collective mind, but this individual mind as well. Oh, when solace is all around me, my search leads me to one conclusion: I must accept these aspects of the human being before nature's solitude reflects fully within myself.

So, what's the magic word, what's the quick exercise I can practice, so with the snap of my fingers peace is felt? Friends, if I could give you "Abracadabra" as the ultimate remedy - I so would. But, that simply isn't the terrain of my journey. Instead, I find that I must sit with these negative thoughts of the mind that invoke stress and tension within the body. Rather than dwelling on the thought and attempting to find an answer through logic and deductions of reasoning, I have determined that the best way for me to deal with these "waves of mutilation", as Superdrag so adequately refers, is to FEEL that emotion.

ALLOW it to rest inside my chest, inside my gut, and give it space to run it's course. Yes, every time I do this, a part of me does not want to experience the accompanying pain, anger, sadness, __________ (you fill in the blank). However, by resisting the sensation, I only create more suffering, more repression, more chaos and confusion in the long run. This is a practice. It is an allowing of "letting go", of "not controlling the situation", of surrendering to the universal flow that is. What does it look like? Well, I sit quietly, I direct my focus to my body.

I feel the emotions and allow them to flow without judgment, without naming anything... simply noticing HOW the sensation feels. And oddly enough, with this process, the "unwanted" emotion dissipates - on its own. It's as if I am a nurturing mother, who is allowing the child to be as she must in that moment, without telling her, "Stop that! Be this way instead. It's better." No. That doesn't work. I must allow her, I must allow myself, to simply be.

Accept that part of me as it is, and give it attention, loving attention, the best way I know how. Peace is not accomplished through force, or by mimicking an outward perception. Peace is only experienced when we surrender to the universal flow within. Through non-judgment and allowance, of self and others, peace on earth, and peace within, is a true possibility.

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Breathing Peace

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This article was published on 2010/03/29