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All day long, my mind pondered the subject of peace. Looking on the net for the definition revealed many ideas and thoughts on peace but none seemed to satisfy my souls search for the truthful definition of peace. Is peace a noun, verb, or both? Is peace something you work for or is something provided?

Still sitting in my chair with my mind obsessing on the subject of peace I write my own thoughts. Peace is the absence of control. It is both a noun and a verb. It exists as a thing but the price of peace takes action (surrender of the will) on the part of one who seeks peace. What do you think about those thoughts?

Peace according to Jesus is a gift He provides to those who believe in Him and trust in His power. Ok, I can dig that. You see, I believe peace can be achieved in the mist of any difficulty known to man. Of course, there are hundreds of stories to prove the point. Well, why don't you tell one? I don't want to tell a story I want to ponder and pretend I know something others don't know. Therefore, if you want a story look for it on the net you will certainly find one to prove and probably disprove my theory on peace.

Back to the subject of peace, when peace seemed at a distance it always involved my lack of faith. Faith brings peace! What, faith brings peaces. Faith provides a way to deal with life with out going nuts. If you believe, God has the power to control all situations and you place your faith in Him then why become disturbed about anything. Now, if you are not disturbed, upset or worrying about anything you can call it peace, right?

So, the path to peace must be faith. Faith in a God who can provide, protect and guide you along road of life. Gosh, that seems simple doesn't it but at times it is hard to let go and let God control. However, the results to letting go are peace.

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The Path to Peace

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This article was published on 2010/04/01